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Restoration Services

What a handyman can do for you

by Seven Star Restoration on 08/18/14

Nowadays when time is limited it can be difficult finding enough time to do frustrating repairs and maintenance in the home. You could try and fix that leak in the bathroom yourself but do you have the fight tool and know how to do it. If you are a skilled at home improvements you can probably do it yourself, but you can also hire the local handy man to sort it. A handyman is sometimes called an odd job man and a jack of all trades. They are people who are skilled at a good number of trades and skills that can need doing in the home of workplace. Minor to a major repair they can sort it, and if the job is too much they will be able to advice on the next step if it involves passing on to a more highly qualified professional tradesperson.

When you can’t do the home repairs yourself it is a good idea to call a local handyman. These are usually able to advice you on what they can do and how far they can go with the work involved. More often than not these services will be slightly cheaper than hiring a professional. If it is small odd-jobs or maintenance work then the handyman will be able to tackle the job. Do you need some general gardening work such as a patio cleaning, shelves erected in a garage or shed, or a brick BBQ built? These jobs can be too much for the homeowner with the busy work schedule and hiring expert help will make life simpler.

When it comes to the selection of repairs you can and can’t do often you can find you don’t have the right tool or equipment for the job. Sometimes, it is just easier to pay for the job to be done by a specialist rather than go and purchase a gadget you may only use now and again. Some people love do it yourself work in the home, but it can take time when working. It can be frustrating to other family members when the work goes on and on. Hiring some extra help will get a repair or service done much quicker. Do you need some painting and Decorating? This work is a messy and long drawn out job. Using an experienced handy man will save you a lot of time. These people do it on a regular basis so are more experienced at handling the work. Before you know it your house will be looking great.

There are lots of reasons to use a local service in your home. When appliances get a lot of use it is not long before they may need repairing. Owning your own home means that there is a lot of maintenance work that will need to be done. Annual maintenance and electrical services are a good idea to keep everything in good working order. It can save you money keeping appliances checked out regularly, saving money on buying new.

Hiring an experienced handyman Fulham begins with either asking friends or family, or if you are new to an area check out the local papers or source the internet. Most people love to pass on the details of a person who has done a good job for them, handyman Melbourne. You may spot companies located in your area. Or see commercial vehicles about the area. Nowadays you can find out a lot about a company and their workmanship. Even small independent craftman will most likely have a website and you can read up reviews on how their work is.

A plumbing emergency can happen at anytime

by Seven Star Restoration on 08/03/14

What can be worst then a plumbing problem such a burst pipe in your home? Whether you are an expert with pipes and tubes or not it can be a stressful time. Water can cause a lot of damage to a building that can be expensive. It is important to keep a check on the plumbing system in your house for any potential leak or blockage. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools and equipment available for the enthusiastic do it yourself in a home. If you are hands on person and good with fixtures and fittings you can no doubt do a great job on the problem. But, if you are not so keen on tackling the tubes and mass of pipes, then there are plenty of professional plumbing services around to help. It is always good to keep the details close by of emergency plumbing services. If you don’t know any ask around, or see if you see others in the area using a particular plumbing service. Or scour local newspapers and the internet in search of a reliable company to have on your standby list for a repair.

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. Water can get everywhere fast and ruin the flooring and furniture fast. Leaking pipes are the most common problem that can occur in the plumbing system. Try to listen for loud noises some pipes make a noise when they are leaking. A pipe repair can prevent the whole place flooding and causing a lot of damage. Make sure you run regular checks on the pipes and look for any potential weak parts that may burst and cause problems in your home. A burst pipe repair can be caused by a number of things and the main one is when a pipe freezes in icy cold temperatures and thaws then it bursts. Make sure you lag any pipes that are outside or in a cold and unheated building.

Who can survive when the boiler breaks down, no hot water or central heating.

In the summer it can be easier to cope with as you only miss the hot water, but when the problem occurs in the winter and you have no heating in the house then it causes misery. Call the emergency plumbers and they will possibly offer a same day service to help get things working again. It is a good idea to have boiler repair servicing on an annual basis to prevent future problems. If a fault is detected then you will know in advance whether it means a repair or replacing an old unit. You should have these type of appliances kept regularly maintained. This will keep you up to date on how things are working. Everything over time gets worn out, and these things can be costly so employ regular plumbing services to check for faults and problems.

Baths, showers, toilets and sink repairs can all cause disturbances in the home make sure you don’t leave a problem and get it fixed as soon as you notice a problem. With water it can end up being a major problem. Check regularly the guttering and drains on the exterior of the building. Drain cleaning is a service that should be done frequently. To prevent the buildup of leaves and other substances from various sources such as the weather a plumber will offer advice on tips to keep gutter clear and drains free from getting clogged up. Nowadays there are plenty of devices to help stop the buildup of rubbish and free the pipes for water drainage.

Neutralising Odours: tips and tricks

by Seven Star Restoration on 07/03/14

A smelly house is an unpleasant house.  Fact.  One of the worst things about a bad odour is that you can get used to it and then not realise it is still lingering until you leave the house and re-enter it.  It can be very embarrassing to invite guests round to a smelly house and if you aren’t sure if the smell is gone sometimes it is best to implement one of these measures just to make sure your house is delightful all the time.

My suggestions are going to be natural remedies. The air fresheners and scent eliminating sprays and measures that you can get in shops are sometimes nothing more than quick fixes and actually might end up combining with the scent and creating something even worse.

Attempting to eliminate the scent anyway might just be a bit of a quick fix. What you really want to do is find the source of the smell and use proper domestic cleaning methods to get rid of it.  Even if it is something of a stubborn stain – get rid of the stain and you will save in the long run.

Fresh Air: One of the best things that you can do to neutralise an unpleasant odour is let nature take it away.  If it is pleasant weather, throw the windows wide and let the breeze take the scent.  Make sure you have more than one window open on separate walls or a window and a door in order to create a through breeze.

Natural Perfume: Some natural substances and kitchen cupboard contents can be a fantastic way to make a room smell sweeter than it did before and a guest will instantly be able to tell that you have made an effort in perfuming the house.  It will smell like you’ve done a thorough house clean. Slicing a lemon in half and concealing the halves subtly in the room will perfume effectively as will rubbing vanilla on a light bulb and allowing the heat the light bulb to encourage the smell to dissipate.

Absorb bad smells: Certain household products will inevitably be useful for absorbing the bad smells that linger in enclosed spaces and these will be the products that naturally have absorption properties.  An open container of Bicarbonate of Soda in the fridge will neutralise unpleasant odours.  Fresh or leftover coffee grounds have the same effect.  If you want to get rid of any lingering unpleasant smells in the kitchen then you can simmer water and vinegar together on the stove and those burn food smells will disappear!

Bins: Inevitably your bin will be a source of unpleasant smells.  There is very little you can do about the fact that rubbish is smelly but you can put measures in place to minimise the strength of the bad smells. Sprinkling Bicarbonate of Soda over your rubbish in the bag can neutralise odours as can grating some citrus rinds through your rubbish.  A hands off kitchen cleaning method.

These natural odour eliminating remedies are perfect for creating domestic bliss in an environment where smell is really very important.  Even if you make every effort to keep your house clean then it can all be ruined by a niggling hint of something more pungent.  A bad smell can be an indication that you aren’t taking your house cleaning responsibilities seriously and when you have guests you want to make sure that your house is an example of how the rest of your is looked after.

These are just a few examples of how you can neutralise odours but you can feel free to experiment with your own ideas and household items to best eliminate and neutralise the unpleasant odours that might be in your home.  With bad smells taken care of, cleaning is decidedly easier.

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Soap Scum Limescale and Mold Bathroom Cleaning Tips

by Seven Star Restoration on 06/28/14

Soap Scum Limescale and Mold Bathroom Cleaning Tips

by Seven Star Restoration on 06/28/14

The bathroom, alongside the kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms in the house to clean well. You will find that it is full of different aspects that can get pretty nasty if they are not cleaned well, and regularly. The fact is that you will not be able to keep a hold of the different sources of staining that can occur in the bathroom. If you are not prepared to clean the room regularly, then you won't be able to tackle these problems individually. You will also find that if the cleaning is not regular, that the staining can be tougher and tougher to remove, and that will no doubt mean that you don’t want to do it again any time soon, which will naturally mean that the stains get worse all over again!


·      Soap scum

Soap scum tends to find its way on to the ceramics or fiberglass surfaces involved in the washing process at the point where the water settles on the surface. The soap and dirt from the showers or baths that have been had will rise to the top of the water level, and any that touches surfaces will settle. Having dried, this stuff is nearly impossible to remove! The best way to fight against soap scum is to have a stiff brush, some decent cream cleaner and a bit of patience. You should find that leaving the cream cleaner in place for a while before you go at it with the brush will mean that the cleaning chemicals in the cleaner are able to break down the dirt, and you will find that the scrubbing is less tough.


·      Limescale

Water deposits in the form of limescale make for very unsightly issues that are especially prevalent on old and well used, but ill maintained faucets. These build ups will occur on various surfaces, and you will find that they can be tough to get rid of, both because the deposits are tough to cut through, and because the shapes of the units involved are not that easy to clean. Fact is, vinegar is your best friend here. Take off whatever you can, and place it in a bowl of white vinegar over night. This is especially good for shower heads, and you will see that in the morning, you will find that the limescale has come away, and you can simply rinse the thing clean! For faucets and other metal parts that can not be removed, you will need to form a way of keeping the vinegar in contact. An adapted sandwich bag, or some cling film will be a good way to wrap up the faucet with the vinegar and keep the acid working on the limescale for longer.


·      Mold / Mould

Mold is pretty disgusting and dangerous for those of us who happen to be allergic to it, not to mention it becomes ever more so in due time. If you already have it around your bathroom, use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or vinegar to kill it, scrub it away with a stiff brush. The main thing however is to prevent it in the first place! Opening the windows after a shower, and generally keeping the room well ventilated will be the best way to ensure that the whole room is less likely to get damp and moldy in general. Installing ventilation in the windows and extractor fans in the walls will mean that you don;t always have to open the windows, but this is by far and away the best way to get rid of the moisture and heat that will encourage damp and mold. Chiswick House Cleaning

The importance of drying floor boards professionally

by Seven Star Restoration on 12/03/13

Did you know that if you don't efficiently dry your flooded floor boards (Timber Floor), the floor will buckle, also known as., 'crowning or cupping'. Call a Professional Timber floor and structural drying Professional to dry your expensive floor boards. However, if your timber floor has cupped, we can replace that piece of timber with a new one, sand and polish the new piece. We will also dry the entire floor professionally.

A Timber Floor Board that has Cupped from      
water damage

The importance of drying wet carpet Professionally

by Seven Star Restoration on 08/06/13

It is important to dry your carpets professionally. Many people take flooded carpets lightly, they open the house windows and dry the carpet with towels and a heater. This method is not sufficient to dry the carpet, the underlay, the subfloor, the walls and the internal structure. If airmovers and dehumidifiers are not used, within 3 days, your carpet, underlay, subfloor and internal structure will begin to show signs of mould. Mould is a Health Hazard. Professional water extraction and use of drying equipment prevents further damage to your home and health.

Severe Mould on Carpet due to inadequate Drying and Severe Moisture.
Presence of Mushroom growth


Get Rid of Mould / Mold Immediately

by Seven Star Restoration on 05/08/12

Mould / Mold is a HEALTH HAZARD. Mould can evoke allergic reactions, eye nose throat lung irritation, cough, skin rash, headaches, fatigue, fever, nasal and sinus congenstion.

Mould can damage the structural framework of your home, ceilings, walls, carpets, floors, bathrooms.
Do you have Water/Flood Damage, Moisture, Poor Window/Door Seals, Poor Ventilation? Then you are at RISK of Mould Growth, which can be hazardous to your health. Mould grows within 3 days of water contact in which the water has not been properly extracted and dried. Act Fast.

Whether you have a small mould speck or a large mould affected area, it's in your best interest to hire professional mould remediation service to carry out the MOULD remediation. Improper methods and inadequate removal of Mould will cause ongoing damage after the treatment and result in more cost. Act Fast, Call a Professional Mould Remediation Service Today.


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